Who Are We

God commanded the Israelites to use acacia wood in the wilderness to build the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant. Acacia trees would have been one of the only types of trees growing in the wilderness regions traveled by Israel. The trees were designed to survive in dry and tough conditions.

Acacia Ministries International is here to take what God's planted to build places to host His glory, to bring Him glory, and to make His name known. We empower missionaries, strengthen missionaries and sustain missionaries so they can do what God's called them to do, to make Him known by establishing His presence in the unreached places and people groups.

We have missionaries all over the world working in many ways. Some work with street kids. Some are establishing houses of prayer. Whatever God's called them to, we come behind them.

We provide a simple financial system to help missionaries raise support long-term. They can easily raise the money they need and continue on to what God's called them to do.

We provide resources. Books, teachings, articles, videos all for free to our missionaries. Each resource will educate and empower the missionary to grow.

We provide a prayer support. We are dedicated to praying for our missionaries and see them get breakthrough with their ministry.

We provide coaching to our missionaries. Marriage coaches, financial coaches, and transition coaches all to help our missionaries in whatever situation they need.

We are passionate about sustaining missionaries and seeing they have everything they need to fulfill what God's put on their heart.

Come check out our missionaries. Support them. See what God's doing in their life.