Acacia Ministries International provides an array of services to missionaries and ministries.


We provide a financial system for missionaries to receive support. Missionaries can create their account, send a link to their supporters and track every donation. A simple, yet powerful system that shows detailed information on each donation so missionaries can take responsibility for their support and thank their supporters accordingly.


We send out and produce video teachings that are exclusive to our missionaries. Videos on how to write better newsletters, budgeting, and dealing with culture shock. Relevant videos that will help missionaries with their journey. Every month we'll send out emails that will give our missionaries an aspect of missions to work on so they can become better missionaries. 

Coaching and Counselling

We have partnered with the top missionary coaching organizations in the world. We will give access to our missionaries personal coaching. Anything from helping you with fundraising to advice for married couples who are missionaries. Our coaches are experienced, educated and have been helping missionaries for years.


Every month we'll compile a list of relevant articles around the internet about missions and missionaries that will speak directly to our missionaries. There is a lot on the internet from missionaries that's powerful and impacting. We find them and send them directly to our missionaries so they don't have to spend their time researching themselves.

Books and Resources

There are so many resources and books about missions that it's hard to find relevant and dated material. We are constantly keeping on top of the best books and resources and giving our missionaries access to it. We provide free books to our missionaries and give discounts to resources like travel agents and insurance agent so our missionaries.