Shannon & Sephas Kombe

We are the Kombe's! We love life, people and most and importantly JESUS! I, Shannon am from America and Sephas is from Vanuatu (South Pacific island close to Australia). I, Shannon did my DTS with YWAM in 2004 in Kona, Hawaii and got ruined for the ordinary life style. So I moved to Vanuatu for 6 years and helped pioneer YWAM with a few friends. Along the journey I have done several training schools, gone to nations with Islanders, and discipled young people where I am located. I, Sephas did my DTS in Cape Town, South Africa in 2014 where I got a revelation of the Father heart of God that has changed my life to want to tell others this same revelation. Sephas and I got married last year, 2014, and have taken a year out of missions to focus on marriage. We heading back to Vanuatu in August to start a home that will be FULL of ministry through discipleship with Worship, bible studies, prayer and just doing day to day life with people. We feel called to the Nations and know God has so much in store for us both! In other news we are expecting our first like Kombe in Jan 2016.