Father's Heart School

The summer we are launching a pioneer school in world missions.

Come join us for three months as we get the Lord's heart for discipling the nations. With Teachers and Staff from all over the world and from different ministries such as Iris, IHOP, YWAM and the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace, learn what it takes to be a disciple and to make disciples for Jesus.

Phase I we will introduce you to the course and where you will serve for the first two months of the course, inside a closed nation, reaching out to the "least of these." We will spend a majority of our time, together, mininstering to the Lord, becaue without Him, we can bare no fruit. Each discipleship team will go on at least five outreaches a week ministering to orphans, elderly, cancer patients, students, leppers, homeless. We will have daily classes exploring what Jesus says a disciple is, and then putting it into practical application.

Phase II we will build on the relationships that have been started while preaching the gospel and healing the sick, planting bible study groups right where people are at. People you meet on the street with no place to go, you will invite them home and bring them into your new family and live life alongside of them, loving them into the kingdom.

Phase III we will send each team to another country where you will work within a group alongside a local ministry or missions group in Nepal, Philippines or Hong Kong. During this time you will have to pull together everything you have learned, how to minister to the Lord without a "prayer room", how to stay in God's word while in the "field", how to adapt to a different way of ministering depending on where you go. How to live by faith while preaching the gospel and showing the love of Jesus.

Afterwards you complete the school you will receive an invitation to work with any of the ministries you served with in pioneer missions, or if God is calling you to go somewhere else, we will do our part to support you spiritually and pastorally.

Place: an undisclosed city in southeast Asia

Dates : 31 May - 5 September 2017

Cost : 3000usd(this includes room, board, and 1000usd toward airfare and visa)

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